Terms & Conditions

RACV Energy Efficiency Assessment Offer and Booking


1. Arcline by RACV is backed by Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) Limited, ABN 44 004 060 833. The provider of the RACV Energy Efficiency Assessment is Home Trades Hub Australia Pty Limited (ACN 643 191 673) trading as RACV.

2. These terms and conditions are effective as of 10 November 2023.

Bookings and requests

3. You agree to these Terms and Conditions when you book an Assessment. The Energy Efficiency Assessment (Assessment) is available to residential households in selected postcodes of metropolitan Melbourne. If RACV is unable to service your postcode, you may record your interest at www.arcline.com.au/energy-efficiency/ and RACV will contact you when the service becomes available in your area.

4. The Assessment is only available to owner-occupiers and rental providers for their investment properties. Renters are not eligible to request an Assessment.

5. A qualified tradesperson will visit your residential property to complete the Assessment and consult with you after the Assessment has been completed. You will receive a personalised report delivered to your nominated email address within one (1) business day of the Assessment being completed. The Assessment does not include any urgent or non-urgent trades work, or replacement parts, identified before, during, or after the Assessment.

Fees and payments

6. A standard fee (Fee) for an Assessment is payable. The Fee is $149 (inclusive of GST) as at the effective date of these Terms and Conditions and must be paid at the time of your booking. RACV reserves the right to change the Fee from time to time. The current Fee will be published online at http://www.arcline.com.au/energy-efficiency/.

7. The Fee must be paid by credit card prior to the date scheduled for the Assessment. Payment must be made by calling us on 1300 340 000.

Assessment Fee Redemption Offer

8. Customers who book and pay for an Assessment and who then choose to undertake identified energy efficiency improvements in the home through RACV, will be eligible to redeem the $149 Fee off their subsequent completed RACV Trades or RACV Solar job subject to the below conditions:

1. the energy efficiency improvements must be completed by RACV Trades or RACV Solar within 6 months of the Assessment date; and

2. the redemption will only apply to invoices of $500 inc. GST or greater; and

3. the redemption request must be submitted prior to paying the final invoices for a follow-on job; and

4. customers will need to request a quote online via www.racv.com.au/trades or contact the RACV Trades Support team on 1300 340 000 for assistance.

9. There is a limit of one $149 redemption per Assessment on either an RACV Trades or RACV Solar completed job and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.

10. The Assessment Fee redemption cannot be exchanged for cash, transferred to another account, or refunded.

Booking reschedules and cancellations

11. You may call us to cancel or change the date and time of your Assessment (‘Assessment Date’) by contacting us on 1300 340 000.

12. If you cancel or reschedule your booking on the Assessment Date, any Fee you have paid will not be refunded.

13. If you cancel your booking at any time prior to the Assessment Date, any Fee you have paid at the time of booking will be refunded to you.

14. Cancellation refunds will be returned to the customer’s nominated account within five (5) business days of being processed.


15. RACV has engaged a third party, Val.Ai Pty Ltd ACN 634 638 449 (trading as Home Efficiency Australia) to generate your personalised Assessment report. The Assessment report is distributed to you by RACV under licence from Home Efficiency Australia and is made available to you on Home Efficiency Australia’s terms, limitations, qualifications and conditions set out in the Assessment report (available at www.valai.com.au/terms-and-conditions). RACV is not liable for:

1. any information, suggestions, or recommendations in the report, or for any variances in quality from the information supplied to us by you or Home Efficiency Australia including size, type and age of the property, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, garage information, average bill costs per postcodes, estimated yearly carbon dioxide generation, potential savings, and average costs of installation by Home Efficiency Australia; or

2. any information, suggestions or recommendations made by the tradesperson who completes the Assessment including any representations regarding, or estimates about, any potential cost or energy savings, or reduction in emissions.

16. RACV does not receive a commission from Home Efficiency Australia or any other person in connection with the Assessment or any services or products purchased in connection with or following an Assessment or any information, suggestion or recommendation made by your assessor in your Home Energy Efficiency Assessment report.


17. When you arrange an Assessment, we collect personal information including: your name, email address, postcode, address of the property to be assessed, the number of occupants of your home, types of home appliances, and details of your water, gas, and electricity bills.

18. We collect personal information from you for the purposes of:

• booking and completing the Assessment;

• generating and sending you the Assessment report;

• communicating with you about your Assessment and services related to your Assessment, including communicating with you using any contact details provided by you, including by post, phone, email, and SMS;

• disclosing information (including personal information) to third parties for the purpose of arranging and completing the Assessment, such as the tradesperson who will attend your residential property to perform the Assessment;

• with your consent, using personal information collected in accordance with these terms and conditions to promote products and services to you, or obtain feedback from you for research and product improvement purposes; and

• retaining and using information collected under these terms and conditions or as otherwise permitted by law.

19. We may also use and collect non-personal aggregate information, such as statistical and other anonymous information (including location information) for research purposes to help us enhance and improve our services and to develop current and future services and functionality; and for other purposes related to our business.

20. If you do not provide us with the information we need, or if you provide us with incorrect or incomplete information, then we may not be able to prepare and send you a personalised Assessment report.

21. We use Home Efficiency Australia to prepare Assessment reports. Home Efficiency Australia owns the proprietary software that our tradespeople use to prepare the Assessment reports. When you book an Assessment, your personal information will be disclosed to the tradesperson allocated to attend your home to perform the Assessment, and they will use the Home Efficiency Australia software to prepare and generate your personalised Assessment report. The information provided to Home Efficiency Australia is limited to your property’s address, number of occupants in your home, types of home appliances, and details of your gas and electricity bills. We have taken steps to ensure acceptable security arrangements are in place to protect your information. A copy of the Home Efficiency Australia Privacy Policy is available at https://www.homeefficiencyaustralia.com/policy#privacy.

22. Your personal information may also be disclosed on a confidential basis to our related entities, including RACV, our tradespeople, and the agent of any of these, to perform and complete the Assessment. We may also disclose your personal information to law enforcement agencies, lawyers, advisers, auditors, and the agent of any of these, as may be necessary to manage our business activities and comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

23. We may use your personal information to tell you about other products and services, discounts, special offers, competitions, and invitations to special events. If you do not wish to receive any marketing material from RACV, you can withdraw your consent by contacting us on 13 15 60 or by using the unsubscribe function if you have received marketing material electronically.

24. The RACV Privacy Charter has up-to-date information about how you can get access to, and ask us to correct, your personal information. It also explains how to lodge a complaint if you are not happy with how we have managed your personal information. You can find it at www.racv.com.au.

Limitations of Liability

25. Your Assessment may include information, suggestions or recommendations about work, upgrades or changes to the residential property that may enhance the overall energy efficiency of the property. Recommendations may be suggested in the personalised report or by RACV Trades. RACV makes no warranty or representation about the suitability or effectiveness of any information, suggestion, or recommendation in the Assessment. RACV, and RACV and their related companies and business partners, may be able to provide goods and/or services to assist you to implement the information, suggestions, or recommendations in the Assessment. You are under no obligation to request or accept any quote from RACV and their related companies and business partners to perform any work, enhancement or change mentioned, suggested, or recommended in the Assessment. The Assessment report does not constitute financial advice. RACV does not guarantee that the report is free from errors.

26. Information contained in the Assessment report remains the intellectual property of Home Efficiency Australia.


27. These terms are governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Victoria, Australia.

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