Hot water systems

Electric heat pump hot water systems vs conventional hot water heaters

Electric hot water systems, especially heat pumps, are far more energy efficient than gas or conventional electric hot water systems. There are numerous benefits to replacing your current gas system with an electric heat pump hot water system:

  • Energy efficiency: While conventional electric hot water heaters directly generate heat, heat pump systems harness existing heat from the air, which means they can use up to 80% less energy to heat your water.
  • Environmental benefits: With this reduction in energy use, you’re minimising your reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Pays for itself: Heat pump systems may have higher upfront costs compared to conventional heaters, but their energy-efficient operation leads to substantial long-term savings. This means you will end up saving more on energy bills than the cost of the heat pump system.
  • Versatility and adaptability: Heat pump systems adapt well to different climates and household sizes. Whether you're in a warm or cold region, heat pumps are good at making hot water efficiently, no matter how you use it.

How to transition to an electric heat pump hot water system

Most hot water systems are replaced in an emergency when the old one fails. With a bit of planning now, you can be ready to choose the right replacement when the time comes – or be proactive and upgrade now.

  • Assess: Think about how many people are likely to need hot showers or baths and whether you ever run out of hot water with your current system. This can help you decide on the right tank size for your home.
  • Choose a system: Choose a heat pump hot water system that aligns with your priorities and budget, considering its efficiency and capacity.
  • Financial considerations: Explore available incentives, rebates (such as the Solar Victoria hot water rebate) and financing options that can make the upfront cost of a heat pump system more manageable.
  • Professional installation: Certified professionals ensure proper installation, optimising the system's performance and longevity.

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