Cleaner energy

Powering your house with clean energy

Even with solar panels, you’ll still need to purchase electricity from the grid (unless you go completely off-grid). The energy plan you choose can make a difference to the environment.


In Australia, GreenPower refers to electricity produced by renewable power sources that meet a strict set of criteria for government accreditation. If you choose to buy GreenPower, you’re helping more wind, solar and hydro power to be used in the grid. However, you will pay a premium for GreenPower.

Carbon offset energy

A cheaper alternative to GreenPower is carbon offset energy. Carbon offset energy is power that comes from the grid, but the energy provider also takes action to remove the equivalent amount of carbon from the earth’s atmosphere. Some providers, like Arcline by RACV, offer 100% carbon offset energy at no extra cost to you.

The choice is yours

You can contribute to a cleaner energy future by choosing an energy provider that offers GreenPower or carbon offset energy. Switching usually only takes a few minutes.